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Lights out for Ashley

I live in the south. (tn)  You know that region to keeps having bad weather and tornadoes.  Well we're in yet another string of storms right now.  The power is out now.  The lights flicked like a bad horror movie for a solid minute before going completely out.  Luckily I have my phone to occupy me and keep me updated on the weather.  Don't worry about me though.  According to the news it's just thunderstorms for us.  I hope the rest of you are having a better night.

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I'm behind on Supernatural. (I know, I know. But I've been busy.) I was watching some to get caught up and I was a commercial for a Supernatural convention here in Nashville. I screamed at my tv "What the fuck! How did I not know about this?". (Oh yeah that whole being behind thing.) Jensen, Jared, and Misha are going to be at the Opry Hotel on June 4th. That's only an hour away from me. So now I'm freaking out.

But I had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind. Why do I know that date? And then it hit me, that's my friend's wedding. Well fuck. She'll never forgive me if I miss her wedding to satisfy my own selfish fangirl cravings.

I was telling my parents about it when they got home. Both of their response were "When's the wedding? If it's not too early, we can save you seats and you can just coast in unnoticed from the convention. She doesn't have to know why you're not staying for the reception. Tell her you're double booked." Not you made a promise to your friend, or a speech about priorities. Nope, just here's how we're going to help you so you can do something we know you love.

How awesome is that? Now I don't have to feel guilty AND I'm going to see the Supernatural boys!
SG1_Daniel/Vala_Go Crazy

Tonight's Priorities: Exercising or Alcohol?

My birthday's going pretty well so far. Being as how half of my family thinks it's tomorrow, it's turned out well. I thought it was cute when my dad even mixed it up. He asked me if I was sure. Really?! I laughed at him. I told him that it had been my birth date for 28 years now, I was pretty sure. I wasn't offended. It just amused me. Mom got me sushi and a boston cream cake with fruit all over it. It was delicious.

Thank you midnightwhisper for the virtual gift. It's so cute! I probably should be concerned that when you thought of me, you thought of alcohol. But I'm not. It just shows you know me. I even noticed that when I was going through my userpics the other day, I had 5 solely dedicated to being drunk and/or alcohol. I don't even have that many dedicated to writing.